Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gnomes Along the Veloway

   It all started with the rabbit. Some time just before Easter a white ceramic bunny rabbit appeared along side the Veloway. I guess it was a symbol of Spring, or just perhaps some left over garden art. Either way, I found it somewhat amusing since the little bunny seemed to get moved around to different locations around the track. Then came the gnomes. First there was the one with the red hat and, like the bunny, he too seems to travel all around the three mile loop that is the Veloway. At some point, although I'm not sure just when, he was then joined by his little white-haired friend (pictured). I've kept an eye out for more additions to the collection, however, the most recent (as far as I can tell) has been a cement turtle - to complement the hare.

   I'm amazed that in the several months these little creatures have been traversing around the bike path that no one has stolen or vandalized them, with the exception of the bunny - someone broke his/her tail off and it has since been replaced with either a rock, or a potato, I'm not sure which. I also imagine that the average biker/skater probably has no idea of their existence and so they've been safe simply due to obscurity.

   I like the fact that someone (or someones) takes the time to reposition them on an ongoing basis. It cracks me up to be pedaling along, deep in thought, and suddenly realize there's a gnome standing about five feet from the track looking at me as if to say "Shh! Keep it a secret."