Saturday, June 18, 2016

Everyone Poops (even spiders)


   Sometimes it's easy to overlook the obvious. Things, like the fact that even spiders poop. When you stop and think about it, it does become logical. I mean, if spiders eat then what's left over has to go "somewhere". And that somewhere is poop. I now know this thanks to the power of Google. 
   It all started last weekend when I moved the entertainment center away from the wall so I could clean behind it and get rid of some obsolete equipment that was taking up space and collecting dust. While vacuuming I noticed a patch of white spots on the floor that I mistakenly thought was sheet rock dust (I had run some cables through the wall a while back). However, the white spots simply wouldn't come up. I really didn't give it much more thought, and honestly didn't care since it was behind the TV cabinet anyway. I knew a spider lived back there because next to the white spots was a pile of dead pill bugs and the occasional fly. I don't mind spiders per se. As long as they are not something that is going to hurt me such as Black Widows or Brown Recluses then I don't care if a Wolf or Jumping Spider takes up residence amongst the speaker wires and power cables. 
   It wasn't until last night that I thought about the spots again. As part II of purging obsolete crap from my life I slid a cabinet over and noticed similar white spots and consequently another pill bug graveyard. However, I still did not make the connection. I was thinking it might be some kind of mold or floor cleaner residue. I could easily rule out floor cleaner residue since I've never actually "cleaned" the floors. Oh, I might sweep, or vacuum, or even damp mop the floors every so often, but I don't use any kind of official cleaning product. 
   Once again, I really didn't give it much more thought - until just now. I have no idea why, although I'm pretty sure it was sheer boredom, but I googled "wood floor white spots" and discovered the wonderful world of spider poop. I guess the Poop Book was right, we all do poop.