Thursday, December 11, 2008

Returning Empty Handed

I went an saw my nephew's band (or at least the band he's in) play Tuesday night at a place called The Parlor. At first I was trying to come up with an excuse (it's too early traffic will suck, it's too late I gotta work in the morning, etc.) but I really didn't have one. It was cold though. The temperature had dropped down into the mid 30's and then it started to rain. Believe it or not, the rain actually spurred me to go. I was afraid that no one else would show up and I kept thinking: oh man, he's gotta drive from San Antonio to Austin, lug his equipment in the freezing rain, and then play for free to an empty club. Well at least it will build character. I was wrong. They had a nice crowd turn out. I'm glad to see their band actually play some "real" places instead of just messing around at friends' parties and what not. I'll link to a clip they have on myspace. Their music is in the screamo vein, which is not exactly my type, but I'll still go and see them whenever I can - just for morale.


Video (be warned - it's screamo):

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