Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Roadrunner, FML (almost)

Thanks to all those years of ninja training and cat-like reflexes I narrowly avoided munching a roadrunner yesterday while zipping along on the bike at 20mph. Sucker ran right out in front of me and was almost toast. If it had run right across the track it wouldn't have been so bad, but instead it ran down the track at an angle. Whew. Close call. Coulda swore I saw the bastard smirking as it ducked into the brush. Do birds smirk?

Somewhat related... logged 325 miles this month on the bike so far. Max speed 28.7 mph - and that's actual hammering under a load (not coasting down some steep hill or something.) Average speed yesterday (over 28 mile ride) was 17.1 mph, not too bad for a fat guy on a mountain bike...

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  1. BTW.. March closed out at 435 miles!! FTW!!