Friday, March 12, 2010

My SxSW Picks for 2010

SxSW is in town with this week kicking off the film festival and next week being the music conference & showcases. I probably won't be attending much (if any) of it, but it's still fun to peruse the listings and compile a "wish list". If I were going in order to hear music that I already know and like (and I could magically teleport around town) then my line up would look something like this:

Nneka * 5p * Austin Convention Center
Fireants * 7:30p * Momo's
Marshall Ford Swing Band * 9:30p * Momo's
Ozomatli * 11p * Galaxy Room
Charanga Cakewalk * 10p * Ghost Room
Motorhead * 10:30p * Austin Music Hall
Raul Malo * 12:30am * Continental Club

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness * 1am * Red 7
Riverboat Gamblers * 1am * Red 7

Bodeans * 6:45p * Auditorium Shores
Cheap Trick * 8p * Auditorium Shores
Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears * 8p * Austin Music Hall
David Garza * 9pm * Kenny Dorham's
Jimmie Dale Gilmore * 9pm * Beauty Bar
Grupo Fantasma * 12am * Copa
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart * 1am * Mohawk

French Horn Rebellion * 10:40p * The Phoenix  (I've never heard this band but would totally go see them based purely on their name alone)

However, that's not what SxSW is about. It's about taking chances, blindly stumbling across "the next big thing", and just plain getting lucky. Years ago the music festival was much more approachable and the ability to wander from venue to venue was much greater, although most people (then and now) end up "camping out" at a particular venue instead. This is especially true if any kind of "big name" act is playing.

This coming week I expect to start hearing more & more of the "lesser known" bands on the various radio stations as they start ramping up the promotional push. Perhaps the biggest byproduct of SxSW are all of the "unofficial" shows that glom onto the hype. Look for every bar, restaurant, gas station and bus stop to be "showcasing" some form of music in the coming week.

Any favorites coming into town that you'd squeeze into a club to go see?

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  1. Dude, if I EVER make it to Sxsw, I'll totally go with your suggested music events. Even if they include gas stations. (Cheap Trick??) Btw, I have a major crush on the band name "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness." How could anyone NOT go to that one?