Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going 'Roo

   Bought some Kangaroo "medallions" at the meat market. Not sure exactly what a "medallion" is, or what part of the Kangaroo we're taking about here, but I've got them thawing in the fridge. I'm a bit leery about the whole thing since I'm not exactly sure someone with fair skin and blonde hair was particularly meant to eat Kangaroo. I'm not even sure if it is politically correct. Plus, I'm concerned about tapeworms and nematocysts and stuff. However, it's not like I found it on the side of the road or anything: "Hey, look! Someone ran over a Kangaroo, let's eat it." It's just that Kangaroos are potrayed in the media as fuzzy, loveable, giant bunnies. Somehow it just seems wrong; although that is not going to stop me from dousing it with Worchestershire sauce and throwing those suckers on the grill.

   A couple of hours later... Once thawed the meat was dark in color and had an ever-so-slightly gamey smell to it, not unlike Lamb. Two of the medallions were marinated with balsamic vinegar and the other two with "Wooster" sauce and then grilled over charcoal until well done. The texture of the medallions is pretty much the same as any cut of beef that contains the word "roast" in its name and in the future would be better served by slow cooking. All in all, I couldn't get over the creepiness of the whole thing and felt like I was committing some kind of atrocity. I'm thinking the reason for that is the fact that Kangaroos walk (hop) upright and somehow seem to to be on a higher level from livestock or game animals. In the grand scheme of "icky things" I'd compare it to eating a monkey - which I've never done, but I've got a good imagination. 

   Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about the strangest thing you've ever eaten, and whether you liked it or not.

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  1. I think you only get tapeworms from eating it raw. But I totally "get" your paranoia -- roos seem like giant rodents to me. And I don't think I've ever seen roo meat, or anything else remotely weird, at my boring suburbia grocery store. I find plenty of interesting foods at the Asian supermarket, but don't know what to do with most of them. Doesn't stop me from getting them once in a while, though. Dragonfruit, or Pitaya, (looks great, but too mushy and sweet for me) was my last exploratory new thing there.

    My grocery fantasies include learning to buy, prep, and use a fresh hot pepper besides a jalapeno. Don't laugh. Remember where I live. We barely know what jalapenos are up here. Hell, I learned to use 'em from you. Or at least got inspired to finally try them fresh. (Did we have this conversation before?)

    Octopus. I like octopus in sush rolls, although I don't want to put an entire octopus in my mouth. Does that count?