Friday, November 21, 2008

Today it is officially "fall".

It looks like today might be the first day of fall. Currently the temperature is 52 degrees and it's just a little after noon. The temps have been dropping down into the 40's at night but then quickly climbing up the 70's by mid day for several weeks now. Today is just different. There's a smell in the air that definitely says summer is over, welcome to colder weather. The trees have finally started to turn gold and red and yellow. What a nice time to be in central Texas.

Well, it's a week before Thanksgiving and they are already playing Christmas music on one of the local radio stations. Unfortunately there's only so many Christmas songs they can rotate in and out in a given day. So after about 8 hours of having the radio on at work you've pretty much heard every yuletide song there is. Now we are on day five of listening to the same set of songs. It's slowly driving me mad. I switch stations when nobody is paying attention but somehow the channel keeps getting changed back. Of course it's hard to complain about the Christmas music since that's kinda like saying you hate kittens and puppies or something. Sigh..

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