Saturday, February 14, 2009

A long and winding post.

I haven't done any old fashioned stream of consciousness blogging in a long time. I was looking back at some of my myspace blogs and I love the fact that I can go back to just about any particular week and tell you what was happening at that time. For me the blogging was/is more of an online diary and notes to myself as opposed to some great proclamation to the world. It's just that the diary is open for anyone who cares to read it, that's all. I quit blogging pretty much about the time I started vlogging and even that seems to be slowly grinding to halt. I enjoy youtubing - I'm sure there's a name for browsing videos on youtube, but I don't know what it is. Anyway... the videos I like the most are the vlogs (ordinary people rambling on about their day) and the sketch comedy clips such as Smosh and ShaneDawsonTV. There's also quite a few how-to or self-help videos on things like repairing washers, or making hot sauce. I only spend about 20-30 minutes on youtube (early Saturday & Sunday mornings) while the coffee is percolating and there is really nothing on TV. I'm not a big Internet surfer. I've pretty much lost interest in maintaining a myspace account because myspace has gotten so bloated with ads, add-ons, apps and flash-esque crap that it is cumbersome, slow and clunky. Pages take forever to load, if at all. Many of their add-on and 3rd party gimmicks set off my firewall and virus scanner so I've all but stopped logging in. Besides, I like the ease of use and styling of blogger much much better. I have my own domain, but don't have a website hosted anywhere anymore. I used to, but it got axed during a round of spending cuts one year. Now I just have the MX record pointed to an email only host for like $5 a month.

It's 11;30 Saturday morning and I'm still sitting here waiting for the temperature outside to warm up. We've had spring-like weather for several weeks now and today is like some kind of cruel joke. It's been 48 degrees for some time now. I'm about to put on the tights and long sleeved jersey and go ride as soon as I put in my contacts and retrieve the two eggs bubbling about in the pot of water on the stove. I like hard boiled eggs because they require no tending to. Just plunk them in a pot of water and let it boil. No stirring or watching or any of that mess.

[several hours later...]

I'm back. Rode for a couple hours and mashed out a little over 21 miles at the veloway (and into the wind). It's now a balmy 51 degrees in Austin, Texas. Got a pot of coffee percolating on the stove and it's starting to make the gurgling and bubbling sounds that tell me I'll soon be smelling that intoxicating aroma of french roast. Okay.. maybe not intoxicating, but it does smell good. My sister-in-law got me that coffee pot for Christmas. It was completely unexpected and totally random. I've had other coffee pots in the past but this one is stainless steel and the whole thing can be disassembled easily and put in the dishwasher. My kind of pot. It reminds me of my grandmother's house in Mississippi. She would often be up as early as 5am cooking breakfast and prepping the kitchen for the rest of the day. As a child I was somewhat frightened by the noisy contraption and it produced a strong, thick black coffee that not even half a cup of milk could temper.

And now for some totally random crap:

On the way home from the track I heard another song by
The Airborne Toxic Event - I'm soo getting that CD. I also want to get ones by Snow Patrol and Owl City.

It's Valentine's Day. This time last year I was in love and started working on this poem:

The angels coil in fear
The angels run in fear
The angels refuse to hear
a cry for love the angels refuse to hear
a prayer the angels will never hear

a love that will never be
even though I give you all
a total consumption surrender of me

and in a moment of utter despair
I beg for forgiveness
but the angel refuses to hear

I'm watching Jacques Pepin on PBS whip up some concoction on the stove whilst killing time waiting for the Tour of California to come on in an hour.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and there must have been some kind of harmonic convergence because my phone which sometimes doesn't ring for weeks suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. We had arranged happy hour with co-workers and former co-workers on Friday. My sister-in-law called to invite me to dinner at
Ranch 616 where she had made reservations for no one in particular. I couldn't go since I was already committed to happy hour. Funny part was that Ranch 616 was my first suggestion for happy hour location. It's a bit pricey so it got pooh-pooed by the budget conscious amongst us. Then Nancy called to see if wanted to meet for drinks after work and once again I had to take a rain check. We're gonna meet Monday afternoon at Guero's Taco Bar for margaritas and general loitering on Congress Avenue. It promises to be fun.

PS: spell check didn't like "gonna" (slang for "going to") and instead suggested I use "gonad". What?

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  1. Myspace is utterly painful, just as you say, and FaceBook is only a little better; I am still clicking "ignore" and "block this app" with alarming frequency.

    Every time I type "clergywoman" into Word it suggests what I really want is "clergyman". Ha.