Monday, June 1, 2009

I said whoa!

I replaced the brake pads on my truck last weekend. The auto shop wanted $400 to do a brake job and the "quickie" brake places only charge $99 (at least to get you in the door). I checked out the prices for parts online and the only way the $99 companies can make any money is to use absolutely the cheapest parts available and somehow I felt that brake pads made from cardboard and paper towels was probably not a good thing so I decided to do the job myself. After watching a couple of "how to" clips on youtube I went to the auto part's store and got Ford's "motorcraft brand" pads ($65 for the front and $55 for the rear.) I have some basic tools at the house, but generally every project costs more than normal because I usually end up having to buy at least "one of everything" (hammer, pliers, nails, screwdriver, beer) to accomplish the task.

Here's basically how things went:
Go to auto part store buy brake pads ($130) and c-clamp ($10)
Go back to store and buy a floor jack ($25)
Jack up truck, take wheel off
Spend 20 minutes trying to break loose a bolt and destroy the socket wrench
Decide I'm gonna need something big and beefy to remove bolt
Put tire back on, drive to store and buy heavy duty socket and breaker bar ($30)
Jack up truck and remove tire once again
Discover that 3/4 inch socket only strips out bolt
Go inside re-watch video and realize the bolt is an 18mm (that's metric - on an "American" car?? I blame the Canadians for this one)
Debate putting tire back on car and going back to store once again
End up watching another video and notice that they don't remove this bolt at all
Go outside remove the two correct bolts and replace brake pads in less than 20 minutes
Realize that this would make a nifty youtube video, grab camera and film other side


  1. Amazing video... thanks for sharing.. keep it up..

  2. Boy, it hurts to see your list. I have been there, or at least the thought of being there is what makes me pay the stupid amount of money to let someone else do it. And yet, if you can get through the process the first time, presumably you'll be able to do it faster and easier (?) the next time?

    Never mind all that, what's the music on that vid?? I LOVED it. I'm horrified that I've missed it up to now; thank God you blogged.

  3. The music is by David Garza (aka Dah-veed) and is from his 1993 CD Culture Vulture (or is it Vulture Culture?) an Austin musician. Anyway... he still performs and is quite good. Check out